Welcome to INTEC Communications

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INTEC Communications, LLC has a deep history in the telecommunications industry. We believe in the value of teamwork; both inside the Group and with those companies with whom we partner. We realize that in order to be a valuable team member, we must be focused on the success parameters of our partners. As the industry continues to evolve, we believe that our focus on the future and on the success criteria of our partners will be a distinct advantage over the nearsighted approach that is prevalent in the industry.

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Our Top Priorities

  • Our Safety Program

    Smiley faceINTEC Communications places a high level of importance and focus on our safety program. The safety of our employees is the single most important aspect of our business. We employ a full time Safety Manager and meet or exceed with OSHA standards and procedures.

    Our Safety Manager conducts weekly safety meetings with our employees to assure that our group maintains a keen, focused approach to safety. We have a structured 52 week program to keep our group updated on safety. In addition, our company also employs a full time Training Manager to integrate safety with day to day activities. At INTEC, we believe that the only acceptable work environment is a safe work environment.

  • Community Service

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    INTEC Communications realizes the impact of community service not only to the local community, but also in helping our team members remember how lucky we are. INTEC supports a variety of community service activities in different regions.

    Some of the charities that we support include: Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity and a variety of local Women’s Shelters and Food Pantries. INTEC believes that as a part of the community it is our responsibility to give back to it.

  • Our Fleet

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    INTEC Communications owns and maintains its own fleet of vehicles for everything from installation and receiver collection to daily equipment pick up and return to our Partners’ warehouse. We approach our fleet knowing that our group is oftentimes the face of our partner to the customer.

    We teach and abide by the motto that our appearance, from the truck to the tech, should be ‘Professional, Polished and Polite’. We take great pride in representing our partners and fleet and uniforms are one of the ways we show it. Vehicles and uniform can be branded as per our Partners’ criteria.

  • Quality Assurance

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    Our group has made a significant capital investment in equipment to help our partners with both scheduled and emergency projects. In addition, we have access to a vast pool of resources and labor that we can utilize to assist our partners with any of their construction related projects, large or small.

  • Superior Service

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    INTEC Communications prides itself on the quality of our work. Our goal is to ensure that the integrity of our work and personnel meet or exceed our partner’s expectations.

    Our quality control department also focuses on the customer’s experience and the level of education received by the customer, city or partner. Our Quality Assurance department not only touches our external field operations but also our internal departments and personnel. Accountability and high expectations are key to our success.